Caramel a (Male) Pug puppy

Meet Caramel! He is an ACA registered Pug puppy. Raised here at our home, he is showered with lots of love and care from us from the day he is born till the day he joins your family.

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Here is Caramel a Pug (Male), Born May 31, 2021 He should be ready to go home by July 26, 2021

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Intial photos when Caramel was around 6 weeks old.
(Photos taken July 12, 2021)
Updated photos when Caramel was around 13 weeks old.
(Photos taken September 2, 2021)
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Gender: Caramel is a Male

Birthdate: May 31, 2021

Age: 6 months, 1 day old.

Ready for Home: July 26, 2021

Breed: Pug

Grown: Approx. size of ~ 3 to 10 Lbs

Price: $636.00 (600.00 +36.00 tax)

Caramel will come with his:


1st Vaccine Shots

Vet Examination

Registration Papers

Health Record

Small bag puppy food

1-Year Health Warranty

Small Blanket



Caramel's general health regime:
Caramel's health regime is complete, ready for home!
Day21: Deworming
Day28: Vaccine
Day35: Deworming
Day42: Vaccine
Day42: Deworming
Day45: Vet Exam
Day49: Weaning
Day49: Deworming

Here are Caramel's other siblings:

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  • Cupcake (Female) Reserved

  • Cocoa (Female) Reserved

Here are Caramel's parents from the Pug puppy litter.

SIRE: Butch (Pug)
DAM: Mocha (Pug)