Skyler a (Male) Pug puppy

This is Skyler. He’s a playful Pug pup. Raised here at our home, he gets lots of attention from us and gets to interact with adults, kids, and dogs every day so he’s a pretty well-adjusted pup.

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Skyler a Pug (Male), Born May 9, 2021 - He is now 6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days old.

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Intial photos when Skyler was around 9 weeks old.
(Photos taken July 12, 2021)
Updated photos when Skyler was around 17 weeks old.
(Photos taken September 2, 2021)
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Gender: Skyler is a Male

Birthdate: May 9, 2021

Age: 6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days old.

Ready for Home: July 4, 2021

Breed: Pug

Grown: Approx. size of ~ 15 to 30 Lbs

Price: $530.00 (500.00 +30.00 tax)

Skyler will come with his:


1st Vaccine Shots

Vet Examination

Registration Papers

Health Record

Small bag puppy food

1-Year Health Warranty

Small Blanket



Skyler's general health regime:
Skyler's health regime is complete, ready for home!
Day21: Deworming
Day28: Vaccine
Day35: Deworming
Day42: Vaccine
Day42: Deworming
Day45: Vet Exam
Day49: Weaning
Day49: Deworming

Here are Skyler's other siblings:

  • Scout (Male) Reserved

  • Scottie (Male) Reserved

  • Sophie (Male) Reserved

  • Sabrina (Female) Reserved

Here are Skyler's parents from the Pug puppy litter.

SIRE: Butch (Pug)
DAM: Macy (Pug)