Dutch (Moses)

November 14, 2023

We have had Dutch for 2 months now. He’s 5 months old. He is smart and very athletic. He is also very sweet and sleeps through the night and does amazing on trips. He went on his first long distance trip at less than 4 months old and slept the entire time in the car. He doesn’t get anxious or get car sick. He is a solid, sturdy boy. We love his blue eye and his light merle pattern shows up on his mask and ears. He is a lot of fun and a lot of personality. He is healthy and intelligent. We are very happy with our new addition. After losing our 16 year old black pug we were worried about adding a new family member, but Dutch is very loved and we made a wonderful choice getting him from Rocky Top Puppies.

Chris B

Here is Moses when he was just a puppy.

Moses is a Pug (Male), Born July 1, 2023
He is now 10 months, 4 weeks old.